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Adams Corvettes presents the Car of the Week, showcasing one of the more unique vehicles in the Adams inventory or from one of our customers. Car of the Week presents the 2022 Corvette C8. While this is one of the newest additions to the Corvette inventory here. Sitting front and center in the showroom, the 2022 C8 catches everyone's eye. Whenever customers come into the dealership, they always want to sit in or take pictures of the new 2022 C8. The 2022 C8 is the newest edition of the Corvette family which is going to keep expanding in the following years. 

The 2022 C8 stands out with its shiny Elkheart Blue Metallic paint. The aggressive exterior color compliments the very simple yet classy jet black interior. With a simplistic interior, the car is well put together and every detail and color choice compliments the other. The black trident spoke wheels are the icing on the cake when looking at this car. They bring out the super aggressive look that the car has. With a 490 horsepower engine, the C8 roars to life whenever it starts up. With the latest technology and driving safety features, the car is very manageable and easy to drive. The 8-speed automatic transmission is a blast to drive and using the paddles to shift makes you feel connected with the car. The aggressive lines on the body panels make the car look exceptional going down the road.

The 2022 C8 stands out and is a beautiful new sports car. We are happy that this car is able to be showcased in our inventory. It will continue to be loved and admired by car enthusiasts from everywhere. The paint, body style, and engine make this car what it is, and those components have changed the game for Corvette. While the body style and engine configuration are different on the C8 than previous models, it is the new future that is dominating the market and is loved by classic car and sports car enthusiasts around the nation. 

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