Adams Corvettes presents the Car of the Week, showcasing one of the more unique vehicles in the Adams inventory or from one of our customers. Car of the Week presents the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. While this is not a Corvette from the inventory, it was part of the Adams Collection. The car has been in the Adams Collection for 15 years and was recently sold! Sitting front and center in the service department, the Bel Air catches everyone's eye. Normally people come into the dealership and are blown away by the Corvettes. But ever since the Bel Air has been at the dealership, everyone has flocked straight to it. The 1957 Bel Air brings back memories for many of our customers, recalling times their parents or grandparents had one. The Bel Air is an iconic American car that is known by everyone that comes to the dealership.

The '57 Bel Air stands out with its bright turquoise paint and shiny chrome. The vibrant exterior matches the interior. With a vivid turquoise interior, the car matches front do back, inside and out. The Continental Kit makes this car complete. The spare tire compartment on the rear adds another level of classiness to the car. The white wall tires add another classic touch to the vehicle. With a 283 cubic inch engine, the Bel Air rumbles to life. It is easier to drive than most people assume. With Power steering and power brakes, the car is very manageable and easy to control. An automatic transmission makes this car very smooth to drive down the road. The car comes with a radio and heater, making it comfortable and enjoyable to drive. The fender skirts on this car solidify the entire look. It has the classic 1950's look that everyone loves and remembers. 

The 1957 Bel Air stands out and is a beautiful classic car. We happy that the car is going to another home that appreciates and enjoys classic cars. It will continue to be loved and admired by car enthusiasts from everywhere. The Bel Air will always be remembered, loved, and cherished as one of the most iconic American cars.